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Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Property Services has made exclusive communities in the northern suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that have given individuals looking for homes a lot of plush alternatives to choose from. Situated in countryside locales that best use Texas’s beautiful landscape, the Estates, Towers and Mansions brand properties are all near downtown Dallas, delivering the best of both city and suburban life. Built with the thought of delivering natural contentment, the Estates 3Eighty in Aubrey contains its own park, trail and pet-friendly, off-leash dog run, a swimming pool resembling resorts and a qualified fitness trainer. Besides, there’s also an on-site Starbucks for the highest level of convenience. Every one- to four- bedroom apartments are extended with outdoor living spaces and reserved covered parking. There is even an on premise Starbucks to ensure extreme convenience to the residents.

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Marcus Hiles on Energy Star Labeling Program

Marcus Hiles - Endorses Texas Profit- Generating Approach
Marcus Hiles – Endorses Texas Profit- Generating Approach
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency started a program called ENERGY STAR in 1992 and the program is still active today. The main purpose of this program is to save the environment but it also has some other aspects we should be aware of. Marcus Hiles points out to the fact that ENERGY STAR labeled products can reduce your energy bill by almost half when compared to ten-year-old appliances. That’s why Hiles wants to use his major influence in the real estate business and urge people to buy only products with the ENERGY STAR label on them. More on:—-on-tricks-to-cut-your-energy-bill-in-half-2016-06-19

Marcus Hiles on Western Rim’s Journey

More than 25 years ago, Hiles saw that there was an unmet desire of Texas residents to live in state of the art homes and decided to launch Western Rim Properties in 1990. Nowadays, his company has more than 15,000 townhomes and apartments with amenities of the highest quality. Hiles considers a developer’s work never finished and claims that there a desire for better must always be present. Now, his plans are focused on continuing to build high-end units thus creating great communities where people would be happy to live in. More on this:—-donates-computers-for-students-through-philanthropic