Marcus Hiles – Western Rim-Gives 59 Acres of Land for Recreational Parks

In many cities, parks are one of the main attractions and investments for the neighborhood’s growth. The real estate developer, Marcus Hiles, saw to it that every city in Texas had a recreational park where the residents could enjoy doing activities for leisure and relaxation. His vision of a great living space involved building recreational parks close to the residential area. Along with this vision, his projects have allowed thousands of trees to be planted as part of his environmental advocacies. It serves as a support to his belief that neighborhoods close to a park or a leisure area are healthier in terms of being close to nature, friendlier because of the interactive ambiance, and bountiful when it comes to wildlife and plants. Public spaces like parks help enhance the lifestyle of the people in the community, thus improving American cities rapidly. A positive relationship between exercise and  access to community areas resulted in the research conducted by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Indeed, when there is a place for doing activities, the residents become inspired to move and do more outdoor activities with other people.

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