Marcus Hiles: The Top Cities to Work for Tech is Led by Those in Texas

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US with nearly 700k open jobs across the nation today. With the growing need for new talent to support this expanding market that has new businesses being established regularly, there are more than just major cities who have long dominated the market tapping into it. A new report by online financial resource, SmartAsset, highlights where those top locations are in the United States for tech jobs in 2019.

In their list of The Best American Cities to Work in Tech in 2019, the report highlights ten of the best places for tech professionals today using data based around several key employment and income factors. Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and the Council for Community and Economic Research was used to evaluate over 150 cities and uncover where tech professionals can be most successful. The report looked at each cities’ average salary, average cost of living compared to the national rate, ratio of workforce in tech vs other industries, unemployment rates of college-educated residents and finally the rate of tech pay in the city vs overall.

Using these indicators, the top 10 list highlighted three cities located in Texas; Template, San Antonio and Dallas. “The state’s metroplexes of Dallas and San Antonio have been building out and planning their key role in the country’s tech space with a focus on harboring new technology and spawning and acquiring the world’s leading brands.” shares Texas-based entrepreneur and property developer Marcus Hiles. With recognition granted to both cities for their growing position in the tech market, Dallas has become one of the leading locations where not only new businesses are being formed but also the city where companies from other areas are relocating to. For San Antonio, the city has focused in on big opportunities in the sub-industries of the technology space. Cyber security is one of the fastest growing markets in tech and by working to support and build out the infrastructure and workforce behind the market, the city has become one of today’s national leaders. Leveraging strategic investments to both educate and train the next generation of cyber security professionals San Antonio is ultimately helping to drive more interest from businesses and the employees that work at them.

“This understanding and reliance on tech for a means of creating a more stable state economy and attractive offering for investors, entrepreneurs and businesses has been demonstrated by these top Texas locations.” adds Marcus Hiles.

Texas also has many other allures driving both businesses and employees in, which the SmartAsset report reflects. Having a nationally low cost of living has created incentive for many professionals to come to the state in seek of employment opportunities.

This ability to specialize in a global industry as strong as the technology sector has enabled both the cities mentioned in the report and the overall state to achieve a growth trajectory that will only continue to expand as tech becomes more predominant in our country’s economic strategy.

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Austin, Texas Still Ranks a Top Place to Live in 2019

In 2018, Austin was voted the No. 1 place to live in America for the third year in a row and it remains a top location in the nation. Based on factors of affordability, employment opportunity and lifestyle, populations are coming to the city from both in state and out of state with now a resident base exceeded the 2 million mark and growing. The main attraction for the population growth stems mainly from the business interest that has been hitting the metro over the last ten years reaching peak growth rates into 2018 and present day.

Austin has been the fastest growing tech town in the U.S. for several years running, even competing with top tech locations like Silicon Valley with more than 147 companies securing almost $1 billion in funding just in 2015. Along with new start-ups and the next generation of entrepreneurs, giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have also opened offices in the city creating a network of employment opportunities for existing and new populations. This growing network of commercial opportunities has had both analysts and US populations looking to the Texas metro for investment and future professional opportunities and putting it in position to be one of the leading locations in the nation.

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Marcus Hiles: Texas Ranks as An Affordable Place to Live for Singles in 2019

As more Americans are making the decision to rent, a large group of this population are single and looking for locations to live in that offer opportunity and affordability. The rental market is not created equal with certain areas appealing to families, professionals, urban dwellers and also singles. A new study by SmartAsset put together a compilation of the most affordable places to rent for individuals living on their own in 2019.

Looking at the US’ top 100 largest cities, the financial advisor site collected and evaluated data across key metrics reported by the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor metrics. Among the factors considered included each area’s median rent, the availability of single bedroom and studio apartments, the median annual earnings of residents, overall cost of living and unemployment rate. The collection of data points worked to focus in on the locations that have both access to and availability of single-friendly rentals as well as those locations that individuals have access to employment opportunities. Overall affordability and average income of each area also was part of the selection process to understand where living on your own is a possibility without falling under unmanageable financial restraints.

“With younger generations entering the renter pool and the trends showing these demographics are staying single longer, offering rental options for this demographic is a key growth strategy among property developers.” shares Texas-based property developer and CEO of Western Rim Properties, Marcus Hiles. The results of the report show a diverse selection of cities that are good options for singles with the state of Texas having the most cities mentioned covering 20% of the list. And the locations noted span across most of Texas’ popular metro areas including Austin, San Antonio and city suburbs of Dallas.

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DFW’s Economic Success Crosses into The Metro’s Surrounding Suburban Areas

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas has been capturing attention nationwide for its recent record breaking economic and population growth. Through key areas of resources, businesses, talent, affordability, and development, the current state of the city has been stimulating opportunities on both state, local and national level. Through its ability to boost the economy, attract wealth, and create jobs; DFW has been establishing one of Texas’ leading business networks that continues to grow outside of its city limits.

TCurrently home to a leading network of Fortune 500 companies, the Dallas metroplex also fosters a growing entrepreneurial community that has been making headlines. “With the number of startup businesses being established throughout the DFW area rising each year, the community and other industries supporting it are being fueled with opportunity.” shares leading Texas property developer, Marcus Hiles. With big businesses and more home-grown companies quickly consuming available space, resource networks, talent and more in the DFW area to create sustainable commercial environments, the city’s surrounding locations are also starting to reap the benefits.

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