Marcus Hiles Transforms The Way We Live

Residential communities are rare outside of the United States. However, it is fast becoming the default way of living for large numbers of Americans. And it is not hard to understand why. Living in elegant and modern communities in beautifully scenic locations such as the North of Texas, is considered the ideal way to combine fast-paced urban living with the all the benefits living in the midst of glorious countryside can bring to the family.

One such company that can be credited to this rise in popularity is the Texan developer, Western Rim Property. Marcus Hiles provides luxury homes for Texans, and the company’s vision for the environment and wider community support has helped them see such a dramatic growth in the past couple of years. In fact, so impressive have the growth figures been for the company that it seems Western Rim’s CEO, Marcus Hiles, is truly transforming the face of contemporary living.

So what are the benefits of living in a residential community? One aspect, Hiles likes to highlight, is that they always create facilities to encourage fraternity and community spirit amongst their residents. Every site is built with a social clubroom, which offers itself as a perfect venue for birthdays and celebrations of any type for any age, whilst also being a great place for adults to mingle in the evening. On certain nights it also provides a great social location to watch the sports games on the large television in the clubhouse. The sites are also installed with various wifi zones and also Starbucks cafes. Again they offer anther great place to meet other residents during the day or even work from your ‘home-office’. The activity centres and playgrounds for children are a great opportunity for the families in the residences to meet and entertain their children, along with the outdoor swimming pool which is great for all ages. All locations have a mail center, on demand concierge service and 24/7 maintenance service.

What Western Rim have attempted to offer their residences is all the luxury and benefit of living in a modern urban environment -with almost hotel-like facilities – while keeping the coziness and privacy of your own home. These residential communities look set to continue to flourish in the coming years because of the great sense of community encouraged by the developers, and may even see their popularity grow outside of the US in the near future. Marcus Hiles is a magnanimous and big-hearted person, who is almost single-handedly changing the way we live.

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